Is everything you know really a lie? Certainly not.

What we know as the “truth” seems to be more of a John Lovitz “Liar Guy,” version of the truth.

It’s the product of years of half-truths, omissions, dishonest implications, prejudices, and the overwhelming desire to control all knowledge. In the words of George Orwell: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

How do we see this play out? By the fanatical rage exhibited by so many against those who dare to question. Just as Ingsoc observed the infamous “5 Minutes of Hate,” modern society follows the leader just the same. Anyone who asks the wrong questions has something inherently wrong with them, according to society. They are filled with hate, or have some kind of mental challenge. They are not simply curious, or seeking answers, they are the next Adolph Hitler.

People have been conditioned to fanatically target, and even attack, those who go against the grain of the modern belief system. It isn’t just enough to disagree, or to state their wrong. There must be riots, character assassinations, and open calls for violence against any culprit who dares to think beyond what is accepted. Sadly, the leaders in fields typically regarded as intellectual or intelligent are often behind such summons.

“Climate change deniers,” all believe the climate never changes, although that designation only applies to a handful of individuals in the entire group. “Evolution deniers,” all believe the world is only 6,000 years old, even though that also only applies to a tiny fraction of the group. Shouting people out of restaurants for being different is just fine, so long as it’s an accepted difference. People should have their children removed if they observe taboo religious beliefs. The inmates are truly running our asylum.

History is rewritten more with each year, and each year grows more implausible and nonsensical. There is now an apparent trend to legitimize what is little more than fakelore and urban legend as “truth.” This site is made to discuss, to explore, to breach accepted social etiquette, and pursue greater knowledge.

That is political and social heresy in America. This is Ameretics.com.