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Political and social heresy in America. As our site tagline suggests, we strive to commit “political and social heresy.” What is this? It’s simple. Our society currently lives a double standard. Society is self-righteous about its thirst for knowledge, its desire to expand and expound all educative efforts, and it’s fervor to be inclusive and accepting.

In truth?

Society is just as prejudiced, confused, and bigoted as it’s always been. The prejudice has merely changed form, but it’s as strong as ever. Those who used science to claim the “white” race was superior 100 years ago, now attempt to use science as a religion, to discriminate against other religions, or those who follow a religion. Those who wouldn’t allow “colored folk” to eat in a restaurant 100 years ago, do the same thing today, just to people who don’t subscribe to their favored political party. We have came 100 years forward, only to move 200 years back. The lynch-mob tendencies have returned. The fervor and fanaticism that was once attributed to religion has returned in a secular form.

In essence, we’re encouraged to “question everything,” so long as it fits a certain agenda or narrative. The purpose of this site is to question and discuss those sacred cows that are above reproach. Be it evolution, climate change, or any other realm considered “untouchable.” There is no judgment here. Only a genuine thirst for knowledge.

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