The Not-So-Mythical “Bathroom Predator”


Many media outlets have tried to debunk “myths” about sexual assaults in bathrooms. The focus lies upon the statement that no transgendered person has assaulted anyone in a public restroom. The fact is no one is worried about genuine trans-gendered individuals, although it’s politically advantageous to pretend otherwise.

Just as with “civil unions,” the majority of the American population would’ve supported it as far back as Clinton’s administration, as “civil union.” The label was changed to “gay marriage,” which allowed many more years to exploit the gay community for political gain.

Society has become willfully ignorant of how sexual predators operate. They take the word of predators that they, “just aren’t like that,” because certainly no one would lie about being a sexual predator, to begin with.


These are some frequent headlines:


So it should be perfect, right? No such attacks have ever happened. It’s all just lies, either from those evil Republicans/Conservatives, or even the church. Unfortunately, we’re talking about people. “Trans” persons aren’t the issue, although many on the left strive to make it so. People who do and are abusing the situation are the problem.

Contrary to the numerous aforementioned articles, public restrooms are common places of assault. Society has selective memory in terms of safety, or regard for those who are victimized. It remains unclear as to why an educated society would plunge head-first into the most ignorant gullibility. Here is an ever-growing list of crimes and violence stemming from public restroom use. Crimes that, according to the information above, never happen.